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The Reliance Bank Ltd - United Kingdom

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Cash ISA
New ISA subscription allowance for the tax year 2014-2015, is £11,880.00. Cash ISA allowance is £5,940.00 from the 6th April 2014. From 1 July 2014 ISAs will be reformed into a simpler product, the New ISA (NISA). All existing ISAs will become NISAs and account holders will benefit from new flexibility in relation to their accounts, as well as an increased overall subscription limit of £15,000.

Heartbleed Bug News alert
You may have seen in the media about the 'Heartbleed bug,' which is affecting web sites that use OpenSSL Library for SSL encryption. Reliance Bank is not affected by this.

About us...'a history in banking'

Established in 1890, when it was known as The Salvation Army Bank, Reliance Bank Limited is built upon caring foundations that remain as strong as ever. The Salvation Army's founder, William Booth, was a man renowned for getting things done. When he needed to attract investments to finance mortgages on property vital to the work of the movement, his response was to set up the Army's own bank.

Today, The Salvation Army Trustee Company and The Salvation Army International Trustee Company still retain joint ownership of the bank and each year receive an equal share of the Bank's allowable profits.

Reliance Bank Limited is a growing and thriving business. It is not only The Salvation Army which relies on the bank, but it is also trusted by many private customers, as well as other churches, charities, and businesses.

Reliance Bank is BIG on customer care and puts people first, just like The Salvation Army. We care about our customers and the issues that matter to you. We believe in ethical banking and our investments are made within strict ethical boundaries and our profits are used to further The Salvation Army's evangelical and charitable work.

For more information about The Salvation Army visit the following web sites: www.salvationarmy.org or www.salvationarmy.org.uk  You may also be interested in The Salvation Army's Insurance Company, SAGIC, which provides a number of insurance products and services. It can be accessed via www.sagic.co.uk 

Reliance Bank has no direct business connection with SAGIC and this link is provided for information purposes only



Reliance Bank's Mission Statement

To stand out as a bank with a Christian and ethical conscience, to maintain an increasing income stream for The Salvation Army and to deliver a personal, excellent and efficient banking service across a range of competitive products.

Financial Information

A copy of our latest financial accounts and ICAAP report (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process report) can be accessed using the relevant links below.

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Documents can be viewed using Adobe Reader & Microsoft Word

For security, please ensure that you are always on this domain www.reliancebankltd.com  or  ibank.reliancebankltd.com when using our banking services.
If you suspect that you are on a 'fake' domain, please contact Reliance Bank on 020 7398 5400.

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