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Current Account Switch

'It couldn’t be simpler to move your bank account to Reliance Bank, with the Current Account Switch Service.'


About the new service

The Current Account Switch Service makes switching current accounts from one UK bank or building Society to another simple and hassle-free.The service is available to consumers and small businesses, charities and trusts and allows you to choose a switch date that suits you. 

The Benefits

The new service provides all of the following benefits:

  • All your payments (in and out) will be moved to your new account

  • The service is free to use and you can choose and agree your switch date with us

  • If there are any issues in making the switch, we will contact you before your switch date

  • Any remaining credit balance in your old account will be transferred to your new account and your old account will automatically close

  • If any payments are accidentally made to your old account after your switch date, they’ll be automatically redirected or forwarded to your new account for 3 years after your Switch Date, or longer in accordance with clause 1.14 of the Agreement.

  • The switch process will be managed entirely by us, and will be backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee


The Current Account Switch Guarantee provides the following:

  • Ensures your current account will switch on a day of your choice

  • Your payments will be automatically transferred and redirected to your new account, and in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your switch, we will refund any interest and charges (incurred on your old or new current accounts) as a result of this failure, as soon as it is brought to our attention.


How to Switch? 

Download and complete the document at the bottom of this page, and enclose this with your application form.  Once your account has been sanctioned , we will contact you to agree a date to swtich your account.

For more information about this new Current Account Switch Service, go to : www.currentaccountswitch.co.uk

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