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First Time Buyer 

Please see our First Time Buyer rate table attachment at the base of this page.



Free basic mortgage valuation for properties up to £700,000.

In order to apply for the free basic mortgage valuation offer, at least one customer must be a First Time Buyer (FTB).

A first time buyer is defined as an individual or individuals who have never owned an interest in a residential property in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world and who intends to occupy the property as their main residence.

Can I apply for a first time buyer mortgage?

As long as one person applying has never owned a property before, you can apply for a first time buyer mortgage with Reliance Bank.

• You must be buying a UK property
• You must be a UK resident or have rights to reside in the UK
• You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a mortgage, and your mortgage must usually end before you reach 75 years of age. If your mortgage term extends past your UK State Pension age or your expected retirement age – whichever happens sooner - we'll need to look at your retirement income or your employment income, if you are still working, the bank will need to work out whether it thinks you can afford the monthly payments
• If you’re taking out a joint mortgage, it’s the age of the oldest person that’s taken into account.

When you complete the application, please provide evidence of the above so that we can provide this offer to you.


Shared Ownership Purchases

We are presently accepting mortgage applications for shared ownership purchases, subject to Reliance Bank Limited having a First Legal Charge over the property.


If one of our rates interests you, call us on 020 7398 5400 or alternatively print the documents listed at the base of this page and forward your completed application form with the supporting documentation named in the "What you need to open an account" attachment shown below to the following address:

Reliance Bank Limited, Faith House, 23-24 Lovat Lane, London EC3R 8EB


Documents can be viewed using Adobe Reader


Document Name

File Size (KB)

Factsheet First Time Buyer

460 KB

First Time Buyer Rates July 2019

481 KB

Mortgage application form

282 KB

Mortgage change of property application form

128 KB

Mortgage Interest Only Fact Sheet

284 KB

Mortgage RICS Homebuyer Report

438 KB

Mortgage Terms and Conditions

635 KB

RBL Mortgage Basic Valuation fees

426 KB

RBL Mortgage Tariffs

609 KB

What you need to open an account

365 KB


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